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Exotic Wood Bases

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Exotic Wood Bases

Our Story

Wood + Wire was born from the passion to create and offer beautiful things for the home, with a focus on indoor plants and accessories. Based in Carlsbad, California we make everything by hand in the studio and draw inspiration from nature and the beautiful ocean near by. The raw materials we use come from sustainable resources through small local businesses. Every item we create is a unique, one of a kind piece designed to bring the beauty of nature into the home.

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Air Plant Wall Art


I absolutely am in love with these! They arrived perfectly packaged and very healthy! Upon opening them I immediately contacted the shop owner (who is amazing) and asked her if I should water them and she told me exactly what to do by bathing them and spraying them. They are like little babies and oh so beautiful!!!!


Great communication and packaging. Item is beautiful in person. Thank you!


Thank you for this wonderful piece :) And this piece too!  Such wonderful work!


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Why Air Plants?

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