Why Air Plants?

Some people ask me how I got into collecting air plants.  It all started about a year ago when we moved to a new place.  The style of the home is modern and I wanted to fill it with a fresh style. I loved the new Jungalow look but wanted an even fresher more modern approach. 

Googler that I am, I started researching plants.  To my delight, I found that there were many species of Tillandsia outside of what I had seen at Home Depot! Big, small, leafy, furry, green, grey - even red!  I did a search on local air plant sellers and found Cuffel Farms in San Diego.  The shop owner, Andy, had a beautiful assortment of air plants and also plenty of knowledge to share!  A friendship was born!  And I took home my first Tillandsia!

Now for the pairing. How to display these little cuties? I began sourcing different types of beautiful wood, starting with manzanita slab.  I was somewhat familiar the bush/tree native to the Southern California desert and I liked the idea of using a local resource. So I went ahead and purchased a few slabs and began a trial and error process of sanding and finishing.  The beauty of the grain!  

The rest is history.  And now I love finding new ways to display this beautiful genus of plants!  Stay tuned!